How can I participate to the auction?

You can apply for membership registration here.

> Auction membership registration procedures

Can I participate from my country?
In some countries, transaction is not possible due to regulations.
Can I check the auction listing?

It will be posted only during the auction period.

> Komatsu used equipment corp. auction website

Please tell me about the warranty of the products handled by KUEC.
There is no product warranty. Please carefully check the machine condition before purchasing.
I would like to visit to the stockyard to see the actual product.

Please contact us first.
Please check the location of each center.

> Yokohama stock yard
> Kobe stock yard

Could I have a product catalog?

The catalog can be downloaded from here.

> Document download

I would like to know the process of purchasing a used equipment from KUEC.

If you request to purchase from the auction, please apply for membership registration first.
For individual inquiries, please click here.

> inquiry